Why you should have a property survey before you buy a property

As we have said on numerous occasions, acquiring a property in Mallorca is a very different process from other foreign countries and requires information and professional advice that facilitates the purchase while minimizing the risks.

Among other procedures, we strongly recommend carrying out construction surveys previous to the closing of the purchase sales process. These, come in a variety of forms according to the type of property that you are buying.

Reasons to perform building surveys previous to the buy of a property

  • The building survey will help you to have knowledge about the the property structural conditions.
  • This process allows youto be aware ofany problemsbefore buying ahome and know the location of boundary lines and other lines of occupancy or possession.
  • The survey will certify that the buildings and other improvements, alterations, and repairs to your property that exist at the time of the survey are not in violation of laws.
  • The survey will report your zoning jurisdiction and classification.
  • This knowledge will help you to begin a process of negotiation.

Main types of survey

  • Condition Report: This is the most basic survey you can get, it is designed to complement the mortgage valuation and just provides light indications as to the state of various parts of the property.
  • Home Buyers Report: this is suitable if you are going to buy a property that is in a reasonably good condition but generates some doubts. It will tell you any obvious major problems, and includes a valuation and an insurance reinstatement value. It also breaches of building regulations set by local councils of different localities of the island.
  • Buildings Surveys: This options is valuable if you are looking at a very old, unusual, listed, timber framed, or thatched property. It is also good to have a full building survey done if you want to do some serious building works and includes advice on repairs. It provides estimated timings and costs, and will tell you what will happen if you do not do the repairs.

If you are in the process of purchase a property in Mallorca , it’s advisable to appoint an independent surveyor working exclusively for you as a buyer. The cost and type of the survey depends on the size, condition and age of the property.

We have an in-depth knowledge of the General Urban Plan and the Spatial Plan of Mallorca, and have the best professionals in the field for the island to assist in construction matters and legalisation of constructions in Mallorca.

In Ripoll & Mateu we work to get total satisfaction of our customers effectively by offering legal services and personalized assistance. Real Estate Law, conveyancing, urban planning and foreign investments in Mallorca are our specialties.







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