Advices for buying a property in Mallorca

Taking into account the substantial annual increase in acts of buying and selling homes by foreign citizens and the market value of holiday home primarily as a strategic sector in the Balearics

The Association of Registrars published a new guide the process of buying a property in Spain (The Guide to Buying a property in Spain). The guide published on the website of the Association of Registrars, at the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and the International Association of property Professionals (AIPP ), all participants in its drafting. This is aimed primarily at citizens of the United Kingdom which is the first nationality in purchasing property in Spain and marks the conditions and rules that must be met by the parties involved to conduct a marketing process rigorous, transparent and serious. Providing confidence and legal certainty for buyers to feel safe and secure when making this decision.

Ripoll Mateu Solicitors in Mallorca understand that the process of buying property in Spain differs from the system that used to in the UK, therefore it is vitally important for any purchaser of a property in Spain to obtain independent and professional advice. Ripoll Mateu advise you on all matters relating to the purchase of your property.

If you are interesting in buy a property in Mallorca, we advice you to consult our Buyer’s Guide, that has been set out to outline the stages and requirements involved, inorder to make sure the process is clear and transparent, to the purchaser. This Buyers Guide will talk about all the stages, from the initial acceptance of your offer through to the final and all important transfer of ownership and registration of the property.


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