Mallorca, the luxury market.

During the first semester of the current year, the luxury property buy and sell increased 27% in Spain, as the average price increased 19%.

The most expensive houses in Spain are located near the sea, not surprisingly, three of the top 5 most expensive properties are in Mallorca.

An annual report on wealth has been published recently, reflecting  that the number of personal Spanish wealths shot off to 76% since 2008, concurring with the beginning of the financial crisis. At the moment, Spain stands as the 7th country in Europe with the highest number of people with this economical profile.

Mallorca is going through a situation where its attractiveness seems to have multiplied, something that reflects on the record number of tourist arrivals as well as  on the boost of its real estate market, especially visible in the case of high-end products. Because of this, one of its main investments grows: the luxury real estate market.

According to the same report, real estate together with the stock market are the main destinations of these wealthy people’s money, that can lash out between 1.5 and 12 million euros. The Spanish and international buyer’s need of a second home in a unique environment, such as Andratx and Calvià, in Mallorca, made the Balearic market a protagonist in the luxury sector.

The luxury real estate market in the island is in full expansion. The supply of Premium properties is not very high, while the demand is sustained. Especially, the one that comes from the German market. With this appeal for the Spanish and foreign buyer, the luxury real estate segment is experiencing a great moment given the combination of: high demand, sales growth and rising prices.

Not only are we talking about selling, finding a long term rental property in the Balearic islands, at an accessible price, is at the moment more complicated than at the same time last year. The National Association of Real Estate Agents assures that the average price of rental in the islands has risen 12.4% during the last year and is around 10.6 euros per square meter, per month; higher than the peak of 9.6 euros reached in 2007, already surpassed since late 2017. The price increase that began in Palma’s downtown has already moved on to other neighbourhoods. An example is Son Rapinya, where three-bedroom flats are offered for around 1,300 euros per month.

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