Balearics at the forefront of real estate market

Balearic Islands is currently at the forefront of real estate market price leadership with a 7.2% increase between January and June, compared to the same period last year, according to data from the appraiser Tinsa.

The islands have benefited from the incipient recovery of national tourism but, above all, from the strong increase in the number of foreign visitors who, if maintained at the current pace, could reach 84.3 million visitors in the year, an 11,6% more than in 2016. This fact has encouraged the purchase of the rent, but also as a property of own use by many tourists.

We must emphasize that the evolution of housing prices in the Balearic Islands over the last decade has been much more favorable than the whole Spanish geography, because of its small volume of stock, which also would support the safety of properties in these areas as an investment.
It is a fact that foreign citizens are buying more houses than ever in the Balearic Islands. Last year reached a record high, with more than 53,000 sales, despite the decline of British buyers, French and German. The arrival of Swedish citizens has changed the landscape of buying and selling properties in Mallorca, climbing to the fourth position of home purchases by foreigners.


To date, Balearic Islands, operate fifteen Swedish real estate. The Nordics offer a personal shopper service: they explain how they want the home and the professionals are looking for it in the real estate market available. 72% of contacts established with Swedish results in a purchase.

For foreign investment, we offer legal assistance regarding funds from other countries for investment in real estate and business. Our team has extensive international experience and cooperation agreements with international firms. We are also members of the Association of International Property Professionals (AIPP).

If you intend to purchase a property in Mallorca from a foreign country you should consider that both the jurisdiction and the processes to be carried out and the roles of professionals involved in it are different.

Throughout the whole process, the presence of a lawyer is essential to be responsible for providing obligatory advice to clients on legal, tax and legal liabilities acquired during the action of sale.


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