“Quality tourism for all”, manifesto about holiday rental

Few weeks after the start of the summer season, the Balearic Islands Government, entities and companies continue to laps with the Holiday Rental Law.

Earlier this month, the bill that will regulate holiday rentals in the Balearic Islands was approved by the Government Council after incorporating 200 of the 294 allegations it received in the public information period to which it was submitted.
These days, fourteen entities have adhered to the manifesto “Quality tourism for all”.
This manifesto has been promoted by the Association of Holiday Rental Apartments and Homes of the Balearic Islands (APTUR) in defense of the holiday rental, with the aim of obtaining the highest number of accessions and demonstrating social support towards holiday rentals.

The entities that have signed the document are: PIMEM, PIMECO, AFEDECO, ACOTUR,  municipal markets of Santa Catalina, Pere Garau, El Olivar and Inca, AMAT (Mallorcan Association of Tourist Attractions), ABONE (Balearic Association of Nightlife and Entertainment), Municipal Taxi Automotive Association (AMTAT), the Association of Golf Courses of the Balearic Islands, the Business Association of Rental of Vehicles and the Association of Nautical Companies of the Balearic Islands (AENIB).

The signatories argue that holiday rental is an aid to the local development of areas that could not have had the opportunity to access the income generated by tourism with the offer of traditional accommodation. APTUR-Balears states that vacation rental is a complementary accommodation model where the end user decides based on privacy and flexibility arguments. It also stresses that it is transverse from the point of view of sharing the benefits of tourism between the complementary offer and helps reduce the seasonality.

The entities affirm that they are looking for a regulation of the appropriate sector in which everyone can develop this activity with guarantees and fulfilling their fiscal responsibilities.


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