Update about Mallorcan economy

Recent data from the Balearic Government confirm that the economy of the islands grew by 4.1% in 2016, the highest growth in the last 16 years. There were increases in all quarters, highlighting the good behavior in tourism in seasons in which traditionally presents less activity.

In the same report, the Government believes that the ‘Brexit’ will have little impact on the Balearic Islands during this year, following the same line of what happened in 2016 since the process is still in a negotiating moment.

It’s expected that the Mallorcan economy will not be unduly prejudiced in the short term by the UK decision to leave the European Union, despite receiving more than three million British tourists a year and has a population of almost 20 000 residents.

The Balearic economy is in a bullish process

Balearics is experiencing exceptional tourist seasons thanks to the quality of its services and the collateral consequences of the difficult situation being experienced by other countries that in the past were direct competitors in this sector.

Following in the line of these data, it’s to emphasize that in January Balearics received a total of 107,087 foreign tourists. A figure that translates to the arrival of almost 5% more tourists than in January 2016. According to INE data, Germany remains the main emitting country of the Islands, with 46.4% of tourists; Followed by the United Kingdom, which sent to the Balearic Islands 10.4% of visitors.

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The Balearic Islands will continue to grow in 2017, with a forecast of 3.6% after two years of growth. The Government expects that 2017 will also be one of the highest values recorded in the last 16 years, close to the results of 2016, and will represent an accumulation of growth of 11% in the last three years.

The forecast for 2017 places the Balearic Islands in a process of “normalization” of the growth cycle.

Growth is expected between 3.2% and 3.7% in all Islands. By sectors, the gross value added shows positive increases in all activities: the service sector is the one that grows the most, 3.8%.

Another significant finding is that the number of home mortgages increased by 14% in 2016 over the previous year, to 281,328, thus earning its third consecutive annual increase after seven years of declines.

With these very positive conditions, we can consider that it is a good time to invest in the Balearics, especially in Mallorca.


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