Property Law in Ibiza (Ibiza solicitors)

If you’re thinking about purchasing or renting a property in Ibiza as a foreign resident of another country within the European Union or further abroad then it’s essential to research and understand that both the legalisation and roles of professionals are more than likely to be different than those of your home country.

Therefore it’s essential to have an Ibizan lawyer who is familiar with the ins and outs of the islands legislation so that you have someone who you can trust to be responsible and look out for your interests when it comes to advising you on legal matters as well as taxes that can be found throughout the process of purchasing a real estate in Ibiza.

And here at Mallorca Solicitors we’re confident that we have the right Ibiza solicitors for the job.

How our Ibiza lawyers can assist you

Here at Mallorca Solicitors, we offer our clients a comprehensive service in everything required for the purchase or sale of Ibiza real estate:

  • Our Ibiza solicitors can provide you with the knowledge and means to obtain a Spanish ID, known as a NIE (Número de Identidad Extranjero – Foreign ID Number)
  • Assistance or responsibility when negotiating, amending and finalising the terms of a deal on Ibiza properties
  • Liaising and investigating the Spanish Land Registry and other institutions to ensure that your chosen acquisition in Ibiza is both legal and secure. This includes mortgage assessment, uncovering infractions and other discrepancies within paperwork
  • Communication with the local councils in Ibiza to ensure that Ibiza real estate is correctly registered and recognised, and that taxes are properly calculated
  • Confirmation that Ibiza property as a Cedula de Habitabilidad (a certificate of occupancy)
  • Investigation and confirmation of property dimensions and details in the Ibiza property cadastral registry
  • Verification of up-to-date payment of local and general taxes in Ibiza
  • Assistance during the visit to a Ibiza notary office – in Spain, a notary is an impartial legal expert who acts as a witness to the legal process and ensures all paperwork is correct.
  • Our Ibiza lawyers will also help you deal with the Property Transfer Tax in Ibiza after the purchase has been finalised
  • Assistance with Ibiza utility providers in changing the relevant arrangements into your name

In short, our lawyers and solicitors based in Ibiza are here to help you with the entire process from start to finish, helping you maintain your peace of mind when it comes to purchasing real estate in Ibiza or anywhere else in the Balearic Islands. We pride ourselves in ensuring that our services are flexible for our clients, firm towards other involved parties, and culturally diverse and informed so as to provide a reliable and smooth experience for our clients in Ibiza.

We specialise in real estate law, mortgage assessment, and both legal and tax advice in Ibiza, and our multilingual team will make sure that nothing is left lost in translation. So if you’re thinking of buying or selling a property in Ibiza, call us today!

Should you require any assistance or legal counsel concerning properties, purchases and sales on the islands of Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza, please contact us at your convenience at or by phone on the numbers listed on our contact page.



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