Investing in Mallorca’s Real Estate market

There is no doubt that investing in Mallorca’s real estate is a totally successful decision. Palma is the Spanish city where the investment in real estate is more productive, showing a price increase of 16% in the last quarter of 2017, compared to the same period in 2016.

A recent survey comparing prices of housing in Madrid, Barcelona, Málaga, Valencia and Palma, shows that Palma and Málaga overcome Madrid y Barcelona in terms of real estate profitability

The coastal segment of real estate is the most dynamic one because of the increasing interest of people with savings on buying properties to rent afterwards. The areas that are growing the most are still the ones with safer values.

The sale price in some areas like Palma and Calvià have reached historical highs. In the second quarter of this year the average price per square meter was 2,809 euros in Palma, and nearly 3,500 in Calviá. In both areas the prices have been increasing since late 2014, up to 50%. In the islands altogether, the prices have not yet reached its highest (that occurred in late 2008) although they are very close to it.

In relation to the final price of a property we have to take into account the high interest that foreigners have in investing in Mallorca . This demand has caused that the recovery of new constructions is mostly luxury homes. To this we have to add the increasing demand from residents, that once found a job again, are interested in buying a house. Real estate promoters and agents are aware that there is a much higher demand than existing supply, and therefore the high prices.

In the same way, the number of people thinking of buying a second house in the short term has increased eight points in 2018, comparing to 2017. 18% of the Spanish people are in the process of searching for this type of property, compared to 10% last year. 43% of these potential owners think about buying a property close to the sea and 17% in the town centre of a coastal municipality.

Mallorca in general and Palma specifically are living a new real estate boom and the transactions keep increasing, especially with foreign clients that see the island as a good place to invest in again.

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