Summer news on Tourism legislation

The Tourism Intervention Plan that has been recently approved by the Consell de Mallorca, with the objective of being a planning instrument that regulates the main economic activity of Mallorca, brings news regarding ratios to distribute the holiday rental places.

The main premises are the following:

  • New licenses are limited to 000 during the next few years
  • The supply limit of 430.000 beds fixed by the Tourism legislation remains the same
  • The Consell de Mallorca will distribute the new accommodations with intensity criteria

The large touristic areas of Balearic Islands that overcome 120 accommodation places per hectare (10,000 square meters), will not be allowed to take in new ones – hotels or holiday rental places. The average of tourists per hectare in urban land for new touristic places is fixed at 25. In touristic areas it ranges between 30 and 120 tourists per hectare.

The Tourism Intervention Plan sets a maximum capacity of touristic accommodation in Mallorca of 430.000 places, that are divided in 315.000 for hotels and 115.000 holiday rentals. In the areas considered as second home, licenses will be allowed if 12 places per hectare are not exceeded. All this respecting the average of 25 tourists per hectare of urban land in Mallorca.

In the case of touristic areas considered of medium occupation, the limit is fixed at 45 places per hectare, and for low occupation areas, the number goes down to 30 places per each 10,000 meters. Cala Millor, Cala Bona, Son Moro, s´Illot and Calas de Mallorca are added to the list of saturated touristic areas. In these areas, new  holiday rental licenses will only be authorised during two months every year, one in low season and the other July or August. Furthermore, the saturated areas shall be  governed by Comprehensive Improvement Plans, with the aim of being reconverted.

Another issue that has been discussed lately is the well known agro-tourism, a way for farmers and ranchers to welcome up to six tourists in their homes and complement their activity. This is one of the most controversial issues of the Land Law that is currently on public display.

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