Spanish government to subsidize the cost of housing

The Government is planning to subsidize up to a maximum of 400 euros per square meter or up to 60% of the purchase price of housing intended to increase the pool of public and social properties to rent or transfer in use.

This is stated in the order published on Saturday the 9th of April by the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda in the Official State Bulletin (BOE), which modifies the royal decree approved by the previous executive leader to regulate the State Housing Plan 2018-2021.

The Government is thus complying with the provisions of the royal decree on the 31st of March 2020, which adopted additional urgent measures in the social and economic field to deal with COVID-19, including new rental subsidies for the most vulnerable groups.

By means of this order, the ministry headed by José Luis Ábalos will modify the program for the promotion of rental housing, whilst respecting the existing program. The modification will incorporate a new stipulation that makes it possible to allocate aid to the purchase of housing in order to increase the public housing stock.

New beneficiaries

Due to this change, houses acquired by public administrations, public bodies and other public legal entities will be eligible for this aid. The objective of this measure is to increase the public housing stock for rent or for social use.

In the same way as the entities mentioned above, public companies and non-profit organisations from the third sector can be beneficiaries in the case of the acquisition of housing to increase the public and social housing stock for rent or transfer in use.

Specifically, these home buyers may obtain a subsidy in proportion to the useful surface area of each home, up to a maximum of 400 euros per square metre of useful surface area. The maximum amount of this subsidy cannot exceed 60% of the purchase price or costs including taxes and fees, as well as any other expense inherent to the acquisition.

This new measure comes in addition to the one already included in the original decree made in 2018 aimed at housing developers, even those coming from their rehabilitation or from the resumption of work on houses or developments that have come to a standstill, who can obtain direct aid, proportional to their useful area, of up to a maximum of 350 euros per square metre, without being able to exceed 50% of the investment of the action and with a maximum limit of 36,750 euros per house.


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