We have a great team of solicitors at your disposal

At Mallorca Solicitors we advise, defend and represent our clients at all levels. Our greatest asset is an infrastructure of professional leaders in each field of action, especially Real Estate and Tax, as well as our international vocation and multilingual capacity.

Our 30 years of experience of legal practice in Mallorca, as well as our constant process of renovation, internationalisation and specialisation has led Mallorca Solicitors to become a clear example of service quality and hard work.

Our team is committed to providing the best work processes to provide our customers with the best results, in a constant quest for professional excellence. We establish external collaboration when circumstances require and are firmly committed to transparency and honesty in our actions.

Our team consists of:



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Our clients know they can turn to us for any legal matter. And if that particular issue is beyond the scope of our normal practice, we will assist them in finding the professional assistance they require. Our legal practice is exclusively in civil matters.