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At Mallorca Solicitors we advise, defend and represent our clients at all levels. Our greatest asset is an infrastructure of professional leaders in each field of action, especially Real Estate and Tax, as well as our international vocation and multilingual capacity.

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Efficiency, experience, confidentiality and quality of service are our hallmarks, Mallorca Solicitors.

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Real Estate Investment Guide in Mallorca for 2024

Mallorca, the gem of the Mediterranean, continues to be a sought-after destination not only for its natural beauty and vibrant culture but also for its attractive real estate market. If you are considering investing in this wonderful island in 2024, it is crucial to understand current trends, identify high-potential areas, and receive appropriate advice to […]Continue reading

New Legal Measures Affecting Real Estate in Mallorca

On Tuesday, May 28, 2024, Decree Law 3/2024 was published in the Official Gazette of the Balearic Islands. This law introduces urgent measures for the simplification and administrative rationalization of public administrations by the Government of the Balearic Islands. Key Highlights of Decree Law 3/2024 Extraordinary Legalization Procedure The Decree Law establishes a procedure for […]Continue reading

Sustainable Real Estate Investments in Mallorca

The paradigm of real estate investment is changing worldwide, and Mallorca is no exception. Today’s investors and developers are increasingly committed to adopting sustainable and environmentally conscious practices. In this dynamic and conscious scenario, it is imperative to explore how environmental considerations are influencing property development in Mallorca and how investors can make an investment […]Continue reading


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We have a great team of layers at your service in Mallorca

Mallorca Solicitors

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Mallorca Solicitors is a multidisciplinary law firm specialising mainly in Real Estate Law, Urban Planning and Administrative Law, as well as in other civil areas, such as general contracting, family law and civil procedure.

Real Estate Solicitors in Mallorca

Our firm of specialist solicitors can provide comprehensive advice throughout the entire property purchase/sale procedure in the islands. Our ultimate goal is to guarantee our customers an environment of legal certainty in the process of purchasing their property in Mallorca.

Conveyancing Specialist Lawyers in Mallorca

The process of buying property in Spain differs from the system you may be used to in the UK. So it is vitally important for any purchaser of a property in Spain to obtain independent and professional advice. We can fully assist you in the process of buying your home in Mallorca.

Foreign Investment Assistance in Mallorca

For foreign investment, we offer legal assistance regarding funds from other countries for investment in real estate and business.