Tourism law, what’s new?

Palma City Council has set next spring as the deadline to have the zoning provided for in the tourism law that will determine which areas of the city can be leased multifamily housing and which are not.

In this sense, the City Council already has several reports prepared to approve the moratorium on tourist establishments affecting:  Palma centre, first Eixample, Santa Catalina and Playa de Palma. Decisions must be accompanied by technical and legal reports to support them.

In addition, meetings will be held with the corresponding entities in order to know the Plan of Intervention in Tourism Areas (PIAT) that is drafted by the supramunicipal institution.
This document, among other things, sets the ceiling of places, both hotel and rental, that can be authorized in each area. In the case of Palma this plan proposes the reduction of the places. It is therefore very important to have up-to-date data on the number of single-family and multi-family dwellings since, although the former may be the subject of holiday leases, they also count in the global number of tourist places allowed.


In another order, and regarding the current season, the Directorate General of Tourism is processing the 1,500 tourist places, corresponding to 264 homes that were engaged in commercial holiday rental. Of the total number of tourist houses, 153 had registered the declaration responsible for starting tourist activity between 2016 and 2017, but they are floors in multi-family buildings and semi-detached houses, which were not authorized to be marketed at the time of registration.

These homes were registered prior to the entry into force of the law that regulates the tourist rental and that establishes a moratorium of new authorizations of commercialization of tourist stays in houses until the island consoles and the Palma City Council establish the zoning. The Ministry of Tourism has begun the process of the definitive removal of 111 tourist houses authorized prior to 1999, in which the Inspection Service has found that there is no longer any tourist activity.


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