Prices are increasing in Spain and Balearics

The forecasts of risk measurement agencies say that prices of housing will continue growing in Spain from this year until 2019 to reach 4.7% per year.

This will have a positive effect on bank’s balance sheets and the behavior of mortgage companies. In this sense, the specialists affirm that there is therefore no risk of a mortgage bubble, since for every four euros that were granted in 2007 today is allocated one euro for this purpose. The president of the European Central Bank (ECB), Mari Draghi, ruled out any danger in the euro area of a new housing or credit bubble.

The average price of second-hand housing has been in the Balearic Islands at 2,272 euros per square meter in April, a figure that represents an increase of 6.83% over the same month last year. Palma has been the second city where the price of used housing has increased the most from year to year, with 6.84%, registering an average price of 2.227 euros per square meter, just behind Barcelona.

Balearic Islands is in the sights of foreign investors looking to buy a home. Last year, the volume of transactions by international buyers – mainly European – exceeded 1.6 billion, which was a historical record and a 50% increase over two years ago. The luxury property is the most sought after by European buyers, more interested in purchasing than in renting, which has caused a significant increase in the average price in the last year in several areas of Mallorca

It should also be considered the boom of purchase by Swedish citizens. Property sales to Nordic citizens with high purchasing power have increased by up to 30% in the last three years. In the last four years the number of transactions on the island captained by these citizens has increased by 100% and the trend continues to rise. A demand that has skyrocketed mainly in Palma, where it has gone from three to thirteen specialized real estate agents in Scandinavian market in approximately ten years.


Among the top areas for the Scandinavians are Palma center, the old town and the municipalities of the Part Forana, especially Serra de Tramuntana. There’s a neighborhood in Palma in which all Swedes want to live, Santa Catalina. Some people call it Little Sweden. The investment boom in the Palencia neighborhood has been spectacular in recent years.

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