Baleares Tourism Law, which is the current situation?

The draft of the law that must regulate the holiday rental in the Balearic Islands has not left anyone indifferent and has generated negative reactions between the different estates involved.

This legislation has the opposition of the Councils of Ibiza and Formentera, all municipalities and the Hotel Federation of Ibiza and Formentera.

The Vice President of the Government and Minister of Tourism has reported that a total of 370 allegations have been submitted to the proposed tourism rental law. 20 of them have been submitted by the Administration, 40 by entities, 16 by individuals and 294 online via email. In the same way, small and medium enterprises or the Balearic association of the holiday rental, Aptur, ash out against this legislation that, as they say, will keep the business illegally. They consider that a very small number of apartments, less than 1%, will be able to fulfill what is requested, while more than 99% of the tourist rent will be condemned to continue in illegality with the new tourist regulations. At the same time, they defend the power of municipalities to regulate and tourist rental zoning, with the vision they have of the situation in each area of the island.


The recent celebration of the International Tourism Fair of Madrid (Fitur) made public what was already an open secret in the tourism sector, the Balearic Islands will be next summer the star destination of the entire Mediterranean. The association of the holiday rental and some of the main operators of this segment assure that the next season will be a great success and that the demand for holiday accommodation will grow 40% in Mallorca over last year.

Forecasts say the influx of British to the island this season will skyrocket 96%, which is the same as saying that in the British brexit accommodation in apartments is doubled.

The French market is also growing strongly, with a 75% rise in Mallorca. Even so, the main customer of Mallorca, which contributes almost half of the tourists, is the German who raises its holiday rental demand by 25%.


As also agree the different agents involved in the emergence of holiday rental, is in the arrival of the seasonal adjustment.
The revitalization of Palma, largely thanks to the holiday rental growth contributes significantly to the season is lengthening, in an effect that also spread to the rest of the island.

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