The price of housing in Majorca

The last real estate market reports show that second-hand housing in the Balearic Islands has had the biggest price increase in the whole of Spain.

In April 2018 the average price was 2,567 euros per square meter. This number had a monthly increase of 5.57% standing out from other regions in the country. Interannually, it increased 12.97% which is also the most relevant increase nationally.

Palma was the regional capital that went up the most from one year to the next, with a 12.28% increase, and an average price of 2,501 per square meter.

At a national level, in April 2018 Spain registered an average price of 1,572 euros per square meter, casting a monthly increase of 1.09%. From last year to this year the increase was 3.01%

The upward trend in the price of housingconfirms the good health of the real estate sector, that also keeps casting positive numbers relating to purchases andmortgages.

We should also take into consideration that the Balearic Islands is the autonomous regionwhere the free housing transactions carried out by foreignershave greater weight. In fact, they represented 40.5% of the total transactions during the last semester of 2017. Moreover, the number of transactions has increased around 5.3% in the Balearic Islands during the same period of time. The average price per square meter for foreigners is 2,888 euros, what implies an increase of 12.1% and that the archipelago is the most expensive autonomous region.

The main reason behind this situation is the investment intentions. Investors prefer lower risk and good profitability. More and more people buy apartments with the intention of renting them out and that results in the increase of both selling and rental prices. To this we have to add the macroeconomic stability that we have since 2013, with the continuous increase of the GDP, which has stimulatedforeign investment. The investors focused on the areas where it is easier to rent: the coast and large cities.

In this sense, the Balearic Islands is the third most expensive autonomous regionin terms of average rental price, with an average monthly rental of 1,522 euros, behind Catalonia (1,603 euros) and only 27 euros below Madrid (1,549 euros). This important increase is known as the “rental boom” and is mostly due to the tensions between supply and demand, among some other factors.

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