Balearic Islands, the spanish economic engine

Balearic Islands are one of the great economic engines of Spain thanks to the good behavior of the tourism sector. So much so they lead in 2017 and will lead in 2018 the growth of the Gross Domestic Product.

Never before, the Balearics had grown as much as now. According to recent banking data, the economy of the islands is advancing at a year-on-year rate of 4.4%, a growth so strong that there is no precedent in this century.

In this sense, the complex situation that is going through the Balearic real estate market is fundamentally due to several factors:

– The investment funds, which are buying buildings in different areas of Palma, mostly in the Old Town and, as is the current regulations, are dedicated to making hotels of tourism inland.

– On the other hand, there are the SOCIMI companies that are dedicated to buying real estate assets to subsequently offer a rents to their clients. They buy flats or lots of flats through the bad bank and then rent them.


Foreign investment will continue to reinforce price increases in some high-value areas and will lead to “real estate oases” that will persist over time. Thus, the new fragmentation of the real estate market must be made aware, and there are significant differences within the big cities. However, the distortions generated by the dynamism of some areas, will end up cau