Holiday rental law decree

The Government is finalizing a law decree requiring internet portals to report owners and income. These must comply with the Public Safety Act and report on who is staying at their properties.

The Internet portals should inform the Tax Agency of who owns the tourist homes that appear on their websites and what the income they receive. In the same way, the state security forces must be informed of who the people are staying in them.

These measures are intended to increase control over tourist rental, improve security and crack down on tax fraud.

The association of the tourist rental Aptur-Baleares and the electronic portal Airbnb announced yesterday that they will work together to promote Balearic Islands as a sustainable tourist destination.

It is well known that the boom of tourist rental of apartments has recently experienced an unprecedented development in the Balearic Islands. The tourist towns of the Balearic housed inside thousands of properties intended for that purpose. Palma leads the statistics in terms of number, 3,715 in total, followed by Pollença and Alcúdia.


This data may change with what is known as zoning established by the tourism law. May not be marketed tourist stays in areas declared eligible (with administrative certificate). The zones will be determined in a motivated way by the Insular Councils, following a mandatory report from the Town Councils, except Palma City Council that will decide without need of the Insular Council of Mallorca.
While not zonifique the license application is paralyzed through DRIAT. The maximum term of 1 year is established, that is to say, until August 1, 2018 to proceed to zoning; if after this period the zoning has not been established, declarations will be requested to initiate activities regarding detached single family dwellings, single family dwellings between medians and single family dwellings.

During the past year, the holiday rental managed by the big platforms left in the Balearic Islands 900 million euros. The latter consider tourist rental on the islands not only generate benefits for traders and owners of flats and apartments but has also diversified supply generating activity in areas not noticed so far the effects of the tourism industry.


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