News about the tourist tax in the Balearic Islands

The Government of the Balearic Islands approved in late 2015 a new tourist tax which record the growing tourist stay 16 years with an extra 0.25 to 2.0 euros per night.

The intention is that this tax is applied in hotels, guesthouses, tourist homes and on cruise ships calling at ports of the islands. The objective of the Government, with the application of the new rate is to raise between 70 and 80 million euros a year to protect the environment and ensure sustainable tourism. The new stable law a fee of two euros per night for five-star hotels and luxury holiday apartments. Tourists in four star hotels and apartments above three keys will pay 1.5 euros per night. In other hotels, tourist apartments and cruises a rate of one euro per night will apply, while hostels and campsites charged 0.5 euros per night.

This new law also provides exceptions to under 16, those traveling by force majeure, the staff of tourist accommodation, the displaced patients and their companions and users of social tourism programs.
The regional tourism department will conduct an information campaign, through tour operators, informing potential visitors and how much they will pay if they travel to the Balearic Islands. Both the Federation of Hotel Business such as the APTUR Mallorca as frontally opposes to the introduction of the tax and announced that they will fight the charge in court.

As refers to the rental property in Balearic Islands, Tourism Decree introduces some significant changes on rental villa or holiday rental in the Balearics. The main new features are two:

Inclusion of “villas” in the types accepted for holiday rental.

The forecast creating a list of “tourism marketing channels,” which will be available to users.

With the approval of the decree, there are three types of housing that can be used for tourist or vacation rental.
1. Detached house (one dwelling per parcel);
2. Paired Family houses (those that are on the same parcel subject to horizontal property regime or attached to the dividing wall that separates them)
3. Single house provided this be the only one in the plot.

Continue to be excluded from this law homes located in buildings, which may not be used for marketing as “touristic stays in houses”.

The Association of Tourist Apartments Islands, APTUR, requests the Government of the Balearic Islands that does not charge the ecotax to these accommodations until the offer has been all regulated. There are currently about 45,000 thousand homes in the Balearic Islands that are rented in high season and only 30% are discharged as tourist accommodation. APTUR will claim the Government to first rule all offer executive who first regulate all offer copper sector and then the tax. They request that you can rent directly from the owner or through an intermediary, who has a record of all the offer. The aim is to prevent the intrusion and become part of the tourism sector and promotion is done Islands as a destination.

If you have a property in Mallorca you want to rent during holiday periods or want to rent a villa for the summer on the island do not hesitate to contact Ripoll & Mateu, we will be gladly to inform and advise you at our offices in Palma and Pollença.


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