Economic forecasts for the summer season in Mallorca

Mallorca is experiencing the beginning of summer season unprecedented, being the best May in its history that occupation and tourist spending is concerned.

The average levels of hotel occupancy on the island are 85%, between ten and fifteen percent more than last year based on the data provided by the Mallorca Hotel Business Federation (FEHM). The city hotels in Palma are living a historic weeks in occupancy data and forecasts suggest that the average occupancy at the end of the month will be 70%, 3.8% up than 2015. German, British and Nordic, European citizens are capitalizing reserves, highlighting the fact that tour operators have encouraged the marketing of tour packages in their countries to avoid running out of places. Not surprisingly, AENA, states that until the last weekend of October the airport of Son San Joan will see 150,970 aircraft land and take off. This season, the seats will increase 16.5%, 4.3 million more passengers than in the same season last year.

The effect is very strong in some markets, starting with the two most important for the island, the German and British. According to data from AENA, this summer there are 48,041 aircraft movements expected in Germany, 23.2% increase in the largest market that has Mallorca. British client also advanced strongly, are scheduled movements 29,584, 16% more than last year, which will enable the trip up to 5.5 million British passengers, 17% more than in 2015.


These figures confirm the expectation that the Balearic Islands are the community that will grow in 2016 (3.2%) and 2017 (3.3%), according to the Regional Observatory of Spain which emphasizes that the relaxation of fiscal adjustment and increased tourism are the supports of the greatest dynamism of the island regions. The Independent Authority on Fiscal Responsibility expected Balearics to will be the community that will experience higher growth with an increase in GDP, 4.2%. Recently, the agency has reported that the annual rate of national GDP growth over that period to 3.4 percent and the inter-quarterly rate will be 0.8 percent.

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