Why you should contact us in Mallorca?

If you are determined to invest in Mallorca or think that the island is the perfect place to settle, do not doubt that our services will be necessary for you.

We are a multidisciplinary law firm specializing mainly in Real Estate Law, Urban Planning and Administrative Law, as well as in other civil areas, such as general contracting, family law and civil procedure.
These are our strengths:

  • We advise, defend and represent our clients at all levels. Our greatest asset is an infrastructure of professional leaders in each field of action, especially Real Estate and Tax, as well as our international vocation and multilingual capacity.
  • We have 30 years of experience of legal practice in Mallorca but we’re in constant process of renovation, internationalisation and specialisation.
  • We’re specialist in property law in Mallorca, we offer our clients a comprehensive service in everything required for the sale of a property. acquiring a property in Mallorca is a very different process from other foreign countries and requires information and professional advice that facilitates the purchase while minimizing the risks. If you intend to purchase a property in Majorca from a foreign country like England or Germany, you should consider that both the jurisdiction and the processes to be carried out and the roles of professionals involved in it are different. Throughout the whole process, the presence of a lawyer is essential to be responsible for providing obligatory advice to clients on legal, tax and legal liabilities acquired during the action of sale.
  • For foreign investment, we offer legal assistance regarding funds from other countries for investment in real estate and business. Our team has extensive international experience and cooperation agreements with international firms.

This allows us to offer detailed advice in the field of internationalisation by providing services such as: International Trade Consulting, recruitment, formation of companies, subsidiaries and branches.

Advice on tax issues: tax incentives for the internationalisation of companies, income earned abroad, international operations, etc

  • We’ve deep knowledge of the Tourism Law of the Balearic Islands as well as the recent zoning process, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team of professionals will solve all your doubts and advise you in the most effective way.

You can contact us through our form in our website, we will attend with no obligation. Our team is committed to providing the best work processes to provide you with the best results, in a constant quest for professional excellence establishing external collaboration when circumstances require.




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