Summary of the correct way to tax for single-family homes with valid or provisional license registered in the Ministry of Tourism of the Balearic Government. First, we must consider that the rent and sale of housing is in principle exempt from VAT. However, section “e’” of article 20.1.23ºb of the LIVA establishes that this exemption […]Continue reading


The Government is finalizing a law decree requiring internet portals to report owners and income. These must comply with the Public Safety Act and report on who is staying at their properties. The Internet portals should inform the Tax Agency of who owns the tourist homes that appear on their websites and what the income they […]Continue reading


Balearic Islands continue to experience strong economic growth in the second quarter of 2017, reaching 3.9%, and stringing eight consecutive quarters with GDP growth above 3.5%. Balearics data exceed the state average in the second quarter, 3.1% according to the Institute of Statistics of the Balearic Islands, and are well above the 2.2% growth of […]Continue reading


Palma City Council has set next spring as the deadline to have the zoning provided for in the tourism law that will determine which areas of the city can be leased multifamily housing and which are not. In this sense, the City Council already has several reports prepared to approve the moratorium on tourist establishments […]Continue reading